How to become a perfect lady?

How do I become a lady?

Be confident

Almost everyone admires people who are confident. If you are not confident, pretend to be. Your confidence would rise to the level you desire. Also, when you dress, don’t dress to impress anyone. Dress to impress you. This raises your confidence level. Keep your shoulders back, your chin high and your spine straight.┬áThis posture makes you look strong and more people will admire you and be attracted to you.

Smile more

A smile is a cheap and inexpensive way to improve your looks. to be a perfect lady don’t forget to smile. The more you do, the more people get more attracted to you. Don’t forget laugh also. It makes you feel better and also make the people around you feel better.


Show respect to everyone

Be sure to use “thank you”, “please” and “sorry” all the time. Don’t speak badly to anyone in public no matter who it is. Avoid swearing and cursing. Doing that makes you unintelligent and disrespectful. Try to weigh situations and make perfect decisions.

Be elegant

Behave and act properly wherever and whenever. Carry yourself gracefully and elegantly. Avoid crashing on tables when you are walking. Be clean and hygienic. Dress simply but wear nice clothes that fit well and properly.


Stay calm always

Try to stay calm always no matter whatever the case may be. Don’t overreact and don’t be too emotional also. Avoid crying in public or getting angry and causing a scene. If you are unable to calm yourself, excuse yourself and go into private and calm yourself down.



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