What you wear shows your mood

Sometimes you may keep contemplating on what to wear to a specific place but have no idea what to wear. Here are some three quick choices for you depending on where you are going.

  1. This type is so cute – It makes you look simple and ready for any interaction. I call them minimalist dresses. They make you look smart as if you can enter anywhere at anytime. These are perfect for friendly meetings and parties. Be sure to use the perfect footwear with this. It works well with black footwear with white soles.


2. And this one too, it’s amazing – From my personal perspective, I feel these are good for special occasions like weddings and professional events.It blends you into the environment and makes you look approachable. Try these and let me know how you feel about it in the comments.


3. You may want to try this type of dress while you are out alone in the fields. It creates a perfect natural combination with the atmosphere and nature. You will feel more confident as if the fields where your friends.


This was something I woke up thinking about and decided to share with you all. Let me know if there is anything missing here and i’ll be glad to add it.




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