Here are 5 tips on how to pose for an amazing picture

 You want to take an amazing photo. Don’t you? You want everyone to give amazing comments about your photo. Don’t you? Here’s how to pose for an amazing picture.

Tip# 1:

 Facing the camera directly is not so amazing. Try turning your head to a three-quarter position. That makes your picture real nice and amazing.

Tip #2:

 Try putting your hand on your hip, turn your body sideways and turn your head towards the camera. This trick helps you to look slim and superb.

Tip #3:

Stand with your ankles crossed. This gives you narrow hips and also lengthens your legs.

Tip #4:

Give a natural smile. Fake smiles don’t look good always. Instead of saying “cheese”, think of a funny incidence and that for sure would produce a natural smile.

Tip #5:

 Press your tongue to the roof of your mouth and smiles. This works really well and makes you look very stunning in your picture.


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